Monday, 8 August 2011


hello guys..the picture in above is a draft of our GUI (Graphic user interface) of  the homepage
This is about page..the description regarding the authentic food and about kelantan state itself will be put in this page. Meanwhile a few of picture in kelantan will include as well in order to make it more interesting

This is the page where we will include a few types of picture about authentic kelantanese food and put some description in order to make audience understandable. Meanwhile the the picture was selected (click on picture)  the recipe will pop-out promptly. The final user can see how to make the particular food that selected by them.

Finally is the map. a few of popular locations will occupy in this page. It is important to get some information about location as well as map. Again once it will click, the pop-out that show the location will include in this page..

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  1. Not bad. But I was hoping that you create different pages for each member to do their documentation of their process. Please try to make it so. It will be easier to follow who is progressing and who needs help. Also this is to ensure that all members progress not just one or two persons.

    Missing: GUI and layout of each area /link of the website that a group member is responsible for.

    Overall assessment:C+ for all.