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Findings:Kelantan Cuisine

The Kelantanese cuisine, heavily influenced by Thai cuisine, is quite popular among Malaysians. In fact, many visitors come to Kelantan just to taste the special delicacies that cannot be found elsewhere. The use of sugar is a must in every Kelantanese kitchen, and thus most Kelantanese dishes are sweet.
Kelantanese food makes more use of coconut milk than anywhere else in the country. Curries are richer, creamier, and more influenced by the tastes of nearby Thailand.There is a great variety of delicious food in Kelantan Specialities include nasi kerabu (rice with herbal salad) and ayam percik (marinated chicken barbecued on a bamboo skewer) while tom yam and barbecued fish are also hot items. 
Ayam Percik 
A favourite with locals and visitors alike, is barbecued chicken marinated with spicy coconut gravy.
Nasi Keratin
Another rice-based dish, is served with coconut milk. flaked fish, desiccated coconut and a variety of herbs and sauces.
Nasi Dagang 
is a type of rice with a brownish tinge steamed with coconut milk and served with fish gravy.

Restaurants and food stalls abound in Kota Bharu and hawkers selling snacks can be found almost anywhere. At the junction of Jalan Padang Garong and Jalan Pengkalan Chepa, you will find Kota Bharu's Chinatown. Traditional Chinese noodle dishes are readily available here. Those who are looking for an outdoor Malaysian dining experience in the evening, should try the food stalls open from 6.00 pm to midnight at Padang Bas, in the town centre. 

Perhaps the most characteristic Kelantanese-Thai dish is 'kaeng matsaman'—a mouth-watering beef curry cooked with peanuts, potatoes and chopped red onions in a thick coconut milk sauce. Other Kelantanese-Thai specialties include: 'kaeng phanaeng kai'—savoury chicken and coconut curry. 'Kaeng som nom mai dong'—hot and sour fish ragout with pickled bamboo. 'Pla see siad haeng thawt'—deep fried semi-dried pla see fish. 'Khao yam pak tai'—an intriguing breakfast salad. The presentation is exquisite. A small pile of fragrant boiled rice, accompanied by finely chopped heaps of lemon grass, peanuts, bean sprouts, green beans, sour mango and chopped makrut or kaffir lime is served with spicy chilli pepper, fresh limeand a piquant sweet-sour sauce. It's unusual, elegant, and very typical of Kelantan. Kelantanese dishes, like central Thai, are usually accompanied by generous helpings of 'khao suay', or "beautiful rice"—the best of which, 'khao hawm Mali', or jasmine-fragrance rice, is steamed until each grain is tender but separate. When something tastes this good, the Thais utter in full emotion:-"Pisek!"

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Findings:About Kelantan

This northeastern state, which means the "Land of Lightning", is a wonderful treasure filled with delights. Sharing a common border with Thailand in the north, visitors have been captivated by the rustic fishing villages, verdant padi (rice) fields, and languid, palm-fringed beaches of Kelantan. It is also the cradle of Malay culture, crafts, and religion. There are numerous things to do and see here. One can watch the process of batik being made, take part in kite-flying contests, or admire traditional woodcarving techniques.

Kelantan boasts of a historical past that date as far back as prehistoric times. During the early Chinese era, Kelantan was influenced by the Indianized Funan Kingdom of the Mekong River. In fact, farming methods used in Kelantan are based on Funan practices. Even the wayang kulit (shadow puppet show), a popular form of entertainment, and weaving methods are thought to have come from Funan. Kelantan has gone on to become vassals for the Sumatran Sriwijaya Empire and the Siamese. In the 15th Century, it came under the Melaka Sultanate. It was further ruled by the sultanates of Johor and Terengganu. By the 1820s, Kelantan was one of the most prosperous states in the Peninsula as there were unlimited development. Kelantan also retained strong ties with Siam throughout the 19th Century before control was passed on to the British after the signing of the Anglo-Siamese Treaty in 1909. By 1948, Kelantan had become part of the Federation of Malaya.

One of the most conservative states in Malaysia, Kelantan is driven by the production of padi (rice), rubber, and tobacco. Fishing and livestock rearing are also important economic activities.

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PART 1: Flowchart & Final Project Milestone

Kelantanese Local Cuisine Website: FLOWCHART


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Finalized Proposal

Part 1: Finalized Proposal




To introduce the kelantanese food for international tourist and even for local people using multimedia-based medium that contains all of infomation about Kelantanese Cuisine and some additional info that relates to this main topic such as recipe.

Topic/Idea Description to Developed:
The most unique is from Kelantan where the people, regardless of region or country are attracted to the authenticate of their food.  The Kelantanese cuisine, heavily influenced by Thsi Cuisine, is quite popular among Malaysians. In fact, many visitors come to Kelantan just to taste the special delicacies that cannot be found elsewhere. 

As aligned to the main topic of the final project for this course, Digital Media 1(MMB 2014), our team focuses on the local cuisines in Kelantan that provides a multimedia-based and attractive webpage to the international and local tourists. This webpage concentrates information of Kelantan local cuisine based on these categories; Traditional Food, Dessert/Pastries, Recipe and Place of Interest in Kelantan to have all of this cuisine or dishes. Apart from that, this webpage is also an information medium of the history of these local cuisines.
As for the planning on developing and decorating the website, probably the element of “Wau Bulan” is going to be utilized as a background, that represents the distinctive Kelantan's piece of art on culture. It's like the infusion of traditional and modern element into the website. Our Mission is making this webpage more informative as possible and also attractive to the readers. Apart from being informative with precise information, this webpage is creative with usage of attractive colours and images and also user-friendly with organized links and tabs. Thus, this webpage will apply the use of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash to ensure the objectives of this project are achieved.

 Targeted viewer
The viewer of this website are basically important to ensure that this website gets feedback and meets the objective. Meanwhile the targeted viewer is not only the tourist, but for local people as well since not everybody knows what the variety of Kelantanese food are. Besides that, since the Kelatanese is one of attractable place, the introducing of strange foods can also give a lot of benefits to the tourist as well as the local people who intent to visit Kelantan. Based on the group's agreement, the end user/the target audience ranging from 18-50 who are international and local tourists. they're usually tend to know and find the latest information from a website. especially info that relates with our assigment that is Food. This is because this group of age are the idle age where they are keen to know and look for latest information from a webpage. A research has also proven that the highest percentage of internet usage are aged 18-42 years old. 


The use of colours in this webpage will be based on the colour preferences based on age. Researchers claim that Elder observers colour preference was determined according to chroma attribute. younger observes colur preference was connected to lghtness attribute.

Initial Webpage Design
Based on the demographics of the end user/target audience profile, the theme colour of the webpage is lime green to illustrate hunger and interesting effect. To ensure the website doesn't look plain and boring we will add colorful pictures and some recipe. Food categories will be organized in tabs so it will look organized.

Divided Individual Task


  • Creates the webpage ‘Homepage’ which contains links to ‘Home’, ‘About Us’ and etc. and layout design.
  • Designs webpage layout and manages contents (GUI).
  • Arranges group meetings.
  • Monitors and guides group member’s work progress.


  • Handles Food of Kelantan
  • ManagesThe Five blog content (including final project progress)

  • Handles Snacks and Desserts of Kelantan
  • Provides information on Snacks and Desserts originated from Kelantan including the description of the food, images. 


  • Provides information on Kelantanese Food originated from Kelantan including the image and etc. 
  • Design the flash to make a smooth animation about the foods in Kelantan


  • Designing the animation by using flash
  • Provides information on where the famous and interesting place in Kelantan to find those kinds of food,snacks and Desserts.